126. PROMENADE in Kerala, Sud India

00Some months ago, I had the chance to spend some weeks in Sud India. Walking, talking, painting, eating, meeting nice people, doing some yoga, learning, learning, learning,…

02Kerala is a comunist state in sud India, where people seems to live in a soft relaxing way, surronded by coconut trees and local dolphins.

01Here are some images from our walking-promenade around the area…

03// “Toilet”

04 b.Hello Sir. It´s possible to paint on your wall?
c. Sure! Just don´t paint any god or religious image. The wall is side to the Toilet, so that could be offensive.
b. I don´t want to be offensive. It´s your wall. Do you have any idea about what I could paint on it?
c. Could you paint me?
b. Oh, it´s a clever idea. I like it.

c. Yes05

06People in Kerala like rest better than working. In the image above one waiter taking a rest on a improved rest area. 07// “Parking at owners risk”

08// “Spicy”
Interesting items you can find on gourmet Indian cuisine

09// “Tiger prawns”
It seems that the most expensive prawns you can find in the area are the famous tiger prawns. A friend told me that they are so good that even a tiger might eat them. Not sure what´s exactly the meaning of it.

10// “WIFI and prawns”
It’s not so easy to found WIFI in the area, so places that have are so proud about it. I had the chance to paint on one of this places, so I have not many choices about what paint on it.

11// “Paysage”
…and one classical beautiful romantic paint to finish with the walk. Oooohhhh….Poetry is in the air.

12Beware of the monkeys. They like to take everything that´s on the air. Also poetry is concerned.