00 After 6 years, I finally get convinced to prepare a solo show. PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art invites me to prepare an exhibition in the 3rd floor of the building. The show opened the 1st October and can be visited till the 15th November.

01b“Greetings from Molotov” seeks to influence the space for dialogue that arises between the visitor’s curiosity and permeability of uncharted territory. It is the encounter with the other that always establishes this negotiation.

The shoes fall part as they continue walking on the path. It is the same condition for human beings in our digestive process; swallow, assimilate, digest, and throw away.

01a01cFrom a more poetic perspective “Greetings from Molotov” highlights the need to open doors, build pathways, open spaces to enable accessibility, invent bridges and relationships; formal and conceptual. Claiming intuition and improvisation. Flee linear logic and reasoning. Tear down the establishment and find a new order and meaning . Questioning all and surprised by the magic of error. To face contradiction as a space for transit. Banish the arrogance of conclusions and coordinates.

01d“Greetings from Molotov” tell the experience of exchange that we had in the process to prepare the show. You don’t understand? Don´t worry. Me neither.

02aThe exhibition presents a big installation composed by tables with graphic installations + little installations in dialogue with the tables.

2c 2dTo be honest, we just make fun with everything we found, so, other than put drawings on tables, we tried a lot of little stupid things as…

1. HIDE MONEY INTO MUSEUM WALLS 04b.esconder dinero04a.esconder dinero/ We hide some bills in the wall of the exhibition space to increase the price of the building. Gentrification is great! JAJAJAJA! (sounds like evil laughter)

2. SECURITY chair/ We put a lock in the security chair, just to be sure that no one still it. The security chair should be safe….we thougt!

3. PING / PONG06a/ Perm is a región that divides the East from the West in Rusia, but also Occident from Orient, but also Europe from China. At the same time, Perm región is considered as one from the hottest spots in the earth to see UFOs. So, we can also understand that this región divides earth form other possible worlds. A sort of big and complex intersection.06b/ Last year, a big hole appeared in Perm región and it continues to grow wider and deeper. Causes are not officially revealed, but seems strange that this big hole appear on this big intersection that’s Perm region.06c/ A big drama that government try to cover on white snow and dark smoke. 06d

4/ ANARCHITECTURES07a/ -There are some leftover wood pieces from the tables in the trash.    -No! Don´t throw it. We can get a nice installation with it.


5/ SECRET AGENT MAN08a/ Secret drawing of a secret agent man. Please, don’t tell anybody that I told you this.

08bsecret agent man

6/ BROKEN DREAMS09a/ Beauty and decay on the border to nowhere. Approx. something as this. 09b

7/ BODY CULTURE10a/ A little exercise about body and walls and space and …whatever 10b

8/ DEGRADATION11a/ Empty alcohol bottles found on Perm streets inclined at the same degree at their alcohol range 11b 11c

9 / JACK DANIELS13/ We found this nice graffiti about the possibility to get some american whisky cheaper than usual. Great!

13e13a/ So we put a museum phone on the exhibition…13b… and we distribute some advertisements with this nice offer around some creepy areas on Perm.13c/ “For cheaper Jack Daniels bottles, please call to 245-35-76” 13d



1414a/ A little hole in the wall of the museum to remember everybody that life is elsewhere.


and finally… some photos from the opening.15a 15b 15c 15d 15e 15hSo many thanks to Fermin, Dasha, Nailya…and all the crew taht made this project happends. Viva Vodka!