01The Perm Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in 2008 in the building of the riverside station, as part of the Cultural Revolution in Perm. In 2012, with the arrival of Putin as primer minister for Russia, priorities changed in all the country. Perm government decided to moves the contemporary museum to a provisional offices building with the promise that they will invest some resources in repair the riverside building to open again the museum.

The government postpones, year after year, the plan to reopen the museum again, so the building continue empty and spoiled. If they don´t actuate fast the building will finish falling cause of the degradation. hmmmm….Maybe we can help with some murals. : )

02If we get to copy exactly the closed windows, maybe we can build the illusion that Museum it´is open again. Just a psychomagic trick, not so ambitious.

03Let´s open the windows of the museum again.

So so many thanks to Ilya Protasov and Yan Melnikov for its heroic help on this project. Also Nailya and Dasha for make it happens and Fermin Jimenez landa for teach to russian people how to drink Vodka in a healthy way.