^^^ BREATH PROJECT / open now

00 Some months before, we started with this incredible project that will take us some years to realise. We want to reforest Mount Olivella in Sapri – Southern Italy and spread a huge global consciousness message to the world, built by 5,000 new trees.


BREATH will start with a huge organic drawing made of 5,000 new trees planted on Mount Olivella.

It is the result of of two-year long feasibility studies, which will cover a surface of 120,000 square meters, being visible from tens of kilometers away, from the sea and the surrounding towns.

BREATH will begin with a big battery build by trees which depicts the energy cycle, It following the rhythms of time and Earth, always renewing and regenerating itself and never staying the same.


The main goal should be to REFOREST the whole mountain. Unfortunately, in this crazy times, it would be so complicated to get funding directly for it, so let’s try with some tricks. Art is only an excuse to make it happen. If everything goes as we wish, after some years, Mount Olivella will have thousands of new trees and no human traces on it.

Chapter 01. We plant 5,000 trees to draw a Battery.
Chapter 02. We plant, at least, 2,000 more trees to fill the battery
Chapter 03. We let nature free to do what she knows better to do: grow freely and erase any humans trace.


You can check all the inormation about here and collaborate with us here.