66. RANDOM PROMENADE / Panjim, India

On my last week around Panjim, I profit to walk around the area doing some random murals. Taking inspiration from whatever I found on my path.


South India is a great place to get introduced to YOGA. I´ve tried to practice it on a little “school”, just in front this wall. My friendly yoga teacher used to tell me that “yoga is not only beautifull aerobic poses, but a way to learn how to live and a way to learn how to die.” 08webbHe introduce me on different pranayama (breathing) techniques and on how to use the hand to count each breathing and let the head go over. He invites me to practice those techniques on my everyday life, so I tryed to apply those techniques on this mural, in front of his school. 01 02 03


It´s so easy to found watermelon juice in Panjim. I used to drink it every day. It´s so tasty and sweet that it helps a lot to survive on the warmest days. Talking with some indian guy, he told me that 95% from watermelon is water. Thah´s why his name. What if next monsoon rains came full of watermelons? Ok, thats not the best idea. Ouch! 13aweb13cweb 13eweb


This wall was painted by a local artist some time before. Over the years the moss had deteriorated the wall so the painting has almost disappeared.14cwebbb I decided to keep his moto idea on this wall and get tribute to this artist. I just added some more people on the moto as I ´ve seen it on Panjim streets. 14cweb


Bus stops on “rich” countries are used as toxic banners that usually sell luxury and arrogant products disguised on fashion and impossible beauty. Most of those products are made or manipulated in “poor” countries where raw materials and manpower are easly exploited.16awebIt could be more honest to show just the raw material as it is. This bus stop is located ahead of Mandovi mouth river, in Panjim. A place where oysters can be easily found.16cweb