yy. BODRUM PIZZA (Horsen, Denmark)

-The organizers: “Hello, we are working on a public art project here in Horsens, so we are looking for some walls to intervent. A selected group of international artists will arrive in town to create public works on various locations in the end of June.”

-The owner of the building: “Sounds really interesting. The Turkish pizzeria that just opened in the adjacent premises is not the most beautiful image for my building… you know! So I´m sure that some nice renowned artists can equilibrate this.”

-The organizers: “Sounds good, sir!”

// Bodrum Pizza (Horsen, Denmark)

xx. BARRÉ (Montreal, Canada)

// Lock (Montreal, Canada)

A giant lock in the wall… Why?? Is not about a locked society or how we are closed to our freedom. It´s just because I found some lock signals in front of the wall and I didn´t found a better idea…. I´m sorry!!

I´m sure that you will find a better interpretation than ours…

x. Montreal, Canadá

Arriving to Montreal Airport, someone is waiting for us… but not sure who!!!

Montreal is a beautiful and interesting city, full of magic places. French is the main language and people preserve it like a symbol of the cultural resistance. Close  to ours, we found some nice french cafeterias…

… and an old french romantic cinema. I suppose that the films that you can see there had been subtitled in french language.


www. HOLY GRAiL (Modena, Italy)

// Holy Grail (Modena, Italy)  / …featuring big master HOPE

It´s really interesting to knew new places. You will always found some interesting local street art pieces. This smiley one totally broke my head!