169. FAST FOOD IS NOT A CRIME / Valencia, Spain

01 02Next time stop me before I get ill again!!  /  La próxima vez detenganme antes de que enferme de nuevo!


03 04“Be quick or be dead” / “Actua con rapidez o muere”


05 06“Why can´t some people respect fast food?” / “Porqué alguna gente no puede respetar la comida rápida?”


07 08” Stop… in the name of illness” / “Detente… en el nombre de la enfermedad”

181. VERTICAL GARDEN / Mallorca, Spain

01/ … How to Isolate nature on a nature island!



-Daddy…why is this wall painted ?

-It looks much nicer like this. And these are plants and trees that you can found in the island.

-These are house plants… because in the mountains they are bigger and they smell better.

-Papa… porqué está pintada la pared?

-Asi se vé mucho más bonito. Además son plantas y arboles que puedes encontrar en la isla.

-Son plantas de casa… porque en la montaña son más grandes y huelen mejor.

184.THE WEIGHT OF A STONE / Ordes, Spain


/ the painter: Can you explain me why the stone on the roof?

/ the farmer: The roof is so lightweight. When a strong wind comes, the roof is raised. The weight of the stone is balancing the roof. Common Sense!

/…30 mn later /

/ the farmer: Can you explain me why you painted a stone on the wall?
/ the painter: The wall is so lightweight. When you look at the wall, the view is raised to the stone. The weight of the painted stone is balancing the wall. Common Sense!



/ el pintor: ¿Me puede explicar porqué hay una piedra en el techo?

/ el granjero: El tejado es muy ligero. Cuando llega un viento fuerte, el tejado se levanta. El peso de la piedra está equilibrando el tejado. Sentido común!

30 mn más tarde…

/ el granjero: ¿Me puede explicar porqué ha pintado una piedra en la pared?
/ el pintor: La pared es muy ligera. Cuando miras a la pared, la vista se levanta hacia la piedra. El peso de la piedra pintada está quilibrando la pared. Sentido común!

197. HEIL / Moscow, Russia

ruzia// Heil  / Moscu, Russia

I was invited to paint a façade in Moscow for an event called “the best city on the Earth”…. Ups!! Sounds like Moscow government need to do some positive propaganda to recover certain credibility and Street Art is always a good choice. I´m totally agree!

After one denied sketch that “aparently” occupied bigger space than available at the wall, I tryed with a friendlier idea: a big hand making a big salute.

The idea was approved in three diferent levels (Curators, Culture Departement and Government), so I was so happy that so many people liked the drawing.

The façade was located in a privileged site ( Звонарский переулок, Moscow, Rusia), in the main centre of Moscow,  t 50 meters from a FSB building (ex-KGB); Just in front of Sanduny Banya, the most famous bathhouse in the city, where rich people go to relax, naked and in good company,  share some vodka and caviar with friends. That´s a perfect location to draw this big hand and say Hello!

199. Start Again


After a few months meditation, we start again with some changes in blog, structure and mind. Time goes fast and everything´s changing all around. Street is a nice place to play, but we are not totally agree on how the game´s coming, so lets try to push it with different rules.

It doesn´t matter if escif have blonde or dark hair; If it´s an artist, or a group of artists, or if it´s your mother´s hairdresser. The focus is on the direction to work on the street. We feel that a street intervention have sense not because there´s an artist behind, but because there is a viewer before.

Street isn´t an art gallery, nor a museum, nor a gift shop. Fortunately! Art tag is a frontier between a street intervention and the viewer. The market and the politicians monopolise street for its own benefit, against people. We have the oportunity to face this with a different language. We don´t feel on art just to promote ourself. We feel on art to propose a different use of públic space.

The meaning behind a street piece is the meaning that the viewer build around it. The artist explanation doesn´t matter at all. A big dick in a bridge in front of the KGB building is a big dick in a bridge in front of the KGB building. If the authors had explained that the real meaning of this piece was just the spring arrival, it doesn´t matter. For people who faced this piece it will continue being a big dick in front of the KGB building. Bravo!

We don´t want to promote any manifest, nor to convince nobody about our feelings. These are just words, full of contradictions and words, mostly,  are blown with the wind.

So, lets try with images!

Start again…

yyy. HOW TO SURVIVE HORSEN (Horsen, Denmark)

Horsens have had a really bad reputation in Denmark. In the 1980s-90s people linked Horsens with social problems, violent people and crime – it didn’t really help Horsens’ image that Horsens State Prison housed some of the worst criminals since 1853 that had a tendency to stay in city when they got out jail. By closing the prison in 2006 and a strong focus on art and culture Horsens is trying at it’s best to change this projected image and the city is now full of music and culture.

// How to survive Horsen (Horsen, Denmark)

yy. BODRUM PIZZA (Horsen, Denmark)

-The organizers: “Hello, we are working on a public art project here in Horsens, so we are looking for some walls to intervent. A selected group of international artists will arrive in town to create public works on various locations in the end of June.”

-The owner of the building: “Sounds really interesting. The Turkish pizzeria that just opened in the adjacent premises is not the most beautiful image for my building… you know! So I´m sure that some nice renowned artists can equilibrate this.”

-The organizers: “Sounds good, sir!”

// Bodrum Pizza (Horsen, Denmark)

y. WHAT THE HELL! (Horsen, Denmark)

// What the hell! (Horsen, Denmark)

Horsen, the capital from Horsens… in Denmark. It is believed the name Horsens derives from the old Danish words hors (horse) and næs (headland)….so the idea came really easy…. What the hell!