66. RANDOM PROMENADE / Panjim, India

On my last week around Panjim, I profit to walk around the area doing some random murals. Taking inspiration from whatever I found on my path.


South India is a great place to get introduced to YOGA. I´ve tried to practice it on a little “school”, just in front this wall. My friendly yoga teacher used to tell me that “yoga is not only beautifull aerobic poses, but a way to learn how to live and a way to learn how to die.” 08webbHe introduce me on different pranayama (breathing) techniques and on how to use the hand to count each breathing and let the head go over. He invites me to practice those techniques on my everyday life, so I tryed to apply those techniques on this mural, in front of his school. 01 02 03


It´s so easy to found watermelon juice in Panjim. I used to drink it every day. It´s so tasty and sweet that it helps a lot to survive on the warmest days. Talking with some indian guy, he told me that 95% from watermelon is water. Thah´s why his name. What if next monsoon rains came full of watermelons? Ok, thats not the best idea. Ouch! 13aweb13cweb 13eweb


This wall was painted by a local artist some time before. Over the years the moss had deteriorated the wall so the painting has almost disappeared.14cwebbb I decided to keep his moto idea on this wall and get tribute to this artist. I just added some more people on the moto as I ´ve seen it on Panjim streets. 14cweb


Bus stops on “rich” countries are used as toxic banners that usually sell luxury and arrogant products disguised on fashion and impossible beauty. Most of those products are made or manipulated in “poor” countries where raw materials and manpower are easly exploited.16awebIt could be more honest to show just the raw material as it is. This bus stop is located ahead of Mandovi mouth river, in Panjim. A place where oysters can be easily found.16cweb

67. BREAKING NEWS / Panjim, India

I spend almost one month in Panjim. Every morning, with my breakfast, I get used to read different local newspapers (The Navhind Times, O Heraldo, The Goan,…). I get addicted to search for strange local news. So I decide to bring some of them to Panjim streets. It´s nice to see that a lot of people recognise those news on the walls and get surprised because they just arrived from read those images on the newspaper. Magic happens. : )

1. WILD CAT TAMED / O HERALDO / 25 NOV 201605lweb 05iweb 05kweb05jweb


68. FREE PAINTING / Panjim, India

Trying to get involved in Panjim community, I decided to get a job there. I bought some brushes and good paint… and started walking on the streets offering my skills as a professional painter. In order to promote myself and start getting good jobs I decided to offer my services for free. I put my hands and my brushes. They put their wall and their ideas. Perfect job for an obedient alienated worker with lacks of creativity and a nice therapy to move away bad vibes from street art dogma. God save the muralists!



1. Ms. Shiwadatta.

First time I´d visit Ms. Shiwadatta, I was impressed that her shop was almost empty. She had just some sweets on pots and few old notebooks to sell. Ms. Shiwadatta lost his husband around 10 years before. he was the owner of this shop where he used to repair old damaged furniture. When Mr. Siwadatta died, Ms. Shivadatta get alone and very sad. She decided to keep her husband´s shop and wait for him till the death.03fwebMs. Shiwadatta ask me to paint the image of Mr. Shiwadatta, so she will feel that he still there to accompanny his loneliness.03hweb

2. Keymakers family shop

Kiran works in a family business with his father, making keys. His grandfather worked on it and the father of his grandfather too. They own the biggest keys makers studio in all Panjim, although if they are in a small place. Kiran told me that they don´t need a bigger place to do their jobs.02webKiran asks me to paint a big old key on their facade. Not because they build big keys, but just because they are a big bussiness although if their local is a small one.

3. Biggest Veghi-Talhi in Panjim

Veghi-Talhi is a typical vegetarian dish from south India. The owner of “Hotel Cafe Prasao” restaurant ask me to paint a big “Veghi Talhi” on their facade. He was proud of it.04bbb“We don´t have the best Veghi-Talhi in town, but probably the biggest one. No one will die for hunger on my restaurant”04ddweb

4. Stamp vendor and Dental Clinic

Two women share space on a small local on the main road in Panjim. Naila sells stamps. Shaili is a Dental Doctor. Stamps sell is announced in a beautiful advertisement on the facade, but Dental Clinic indication is not so visible. They ask me to paint some teeth on the side of the wall to reach a bigger audience. I think that´s a good idea.07aa 07bbweb

5. Wheel painted

The wall of this Panjim Garage was really damaged. The owner asks me to paint something. When I ask him about what to paint he told me to paint “just wheel”. Sounds a good idea for a garage. After finishing, he was surprised about my painting and I realise that my English was not so good, that I misunderstood him. What he asked me was to paint “just well”. 15cwebAnyway, he was happy that the wheel was well painted. I get constantly confused with English langage.15d

6. Smaller Veghi-Talhi in town

Panjim is a small town. After a few days, a lot of people knew my new job and I´ve received a lot of non paid commissions. Close to the first restaurant, there is another restaurant that also sells Veghi-Talhi. They were jealous of its neighbors. They ask me to paint same painting. They  just don´t have a bif facade to do it, so I tried to do my best. The owner was happy to say that maybe they don´t offer bigger Veghi-Talhi in town, but they are proud to be honest with what they announce. The dish you can see on our facade is the same size as the one you can buy in. 12cweb

… by the way, he asks me to paint some more plants to the side. Looks more tropical now!11

7. The candelabrum shop

Fatima recently opened a candelabrum shop with his husband. They import beautiful candelabrums from Turkey and sell them on good prices to local people. There is not a similar shop in Panjim. Fatima was convinced that this will be a successfull business. Indian people love shiny things.  18gweb

69. TROPICAL MARY / Panjim, India

I spend last december in Panjim (Sud India) drinking fruit juices and enjoying spicy tropical winter. After several meetings with people, listening beautifull stories and learning nice tricks from locals, I ´d started to paint some little walls. Thanks Ketaki, Anuj, Riyas…and others for those lovely days.

01cweb 01eweb

(more images to come on the next days)

92. Promenade a Besançon, France

J´ai passé les derniers trois mois a travailler avec des lycéens sur diferentes residences dans la región du Jurá, en France. Pendant ma premiére residence, j´ai eu l´occasión de faire une petite promenade a Besançon. Juste comme aperitif de ce qui arriveras prochainement.

1. Protéger un mur01L’Unesco a inscrit les fortifications de Vauban (centre-ville de Besançon) au patrimoine mondial. Les murs fortifiés de la ville deviennent alors un objet de grande valeur qu’il faut préserver. Il faudrait peut-être construire de nouveaux murs pour protéger les murs anciens ?01bÇa me fait penser a une belle intervention pas loin de celleçi. Bonjour Sam  :  )

2. Le poids d´une pierre03Un des attractifs de la ville est son architecture. Un des atractifs de son architecture est une pierre caractéristique de Besançon, extraite des chantiers de la région. La plus part des batiments en centre ville sont construits avec cette pierre. Le poids des pierres s´imposse sur la vie organique de ses habitants.03b

3. La propriété c´est le vol02Un des premiérs anarchistes reconnus de l´histoire politique fut Pierre Joseph Proudhon. Née a Besançon en 1809, sa majeur aportation fut le libre “La propriété c´est le vol”.02bUne belle ocasion pour laisser un petit portrait de Proudhon dans la rue.

99. PROMENADE in TALAT NOI / Bangkok, Thailand

022016 started with a nice visit to one of the oldest chinese communities in Bangkok. Talad Noi is a beautiful neighborhood with little streets and great stories. Some of these stories are more than 200 years old. Perfect place for a walking-promenade. Thanks Nico, Joe, Bam and Earth…for your help on this project.

1. .steel things04 05In the old times, most of the neighbors were blacksmiths, steel tool producers. After World War II blacksmiths had to adapt and become mechanicals. Talat Noi become now a rhizome of little streets full of steel pieces stored on such different ways. I tried to understand what´s the sense of this pieces, but mechanical seems to be so complicated for me and my chinese is not so good yet to get philosophical conversations.


2. .sàwatdii kráp06Here is the only little shop in the area. Locals came there to take a break, meet some people and buy snacks or soda. Not a big business, but just a social link for chinese Thai people in the area; just an excuse to say hello to your neighbors.06b07

3. .circles08Everywhere in the neighborhood you will found people working on strange steel pieces. I had asked an old man about where this came from and where will they go. He wasn´t sure about this. He told me that he just know that this pieces came from old vehicles and will be used on new vehicles. Maybe these new vehicles will become old vehicles one day and the pieces will came again to Talad Noi. Maybe.09

4. .happy new year10Some days before Chinese New Year, some posters appear on this wall. These cartels proclaim health, money, love and good luck for everybody. So cute! I´d tried to found who was the author of this nice present, but I didn’t get to find him.11

5. .safe temple 12 In Thailand, people know so well how important are symbols as magic requests. Everything means something, so people try to keep a lot of attention about objects and shapes. To please gods, people like to build little temples with lot of nice beautiful funny symbols.  If gods are happy, they will protect people from evil and illness. But gods need also protection, so people put little lion sculptures to protect them. I like this give and take. I protect you. You protect me.

After some days painting on Talat Noi, people start to ask me for some orders. One family wanted me to paint the wall from its little poor temple. They don´t have many objects inside, but they wanted me to paint it, just to protect them. Lets protect gods first. This should work.13

6. .double bench14– hello madam, could I paint your wall?
– of course! Just be careful to don’t dirt the bench. I love it so much.
– If you love it so much… Why are you seated on a plastic chair and not on the bench?
– because I like it, so i want that people can admire it.
– I totally understand. Maybe I can paint something for you. : )))

7. .floating stones15Talat Noi is an old neighborhood sided to the river. I heard a great story about this neighborhood which tells that in the ages, 200 years ago, big ships departed from Talat Noi transporting rice to China. In the way back, these ships bring chinese fabrics to Talat Noi. Because rice is more heavy than fabrics, sailors carry on board some stones from China to balance the weigh of the ships in the way back. With these floating stones Talat Noi citizens decided to build the floor from the main square. Stone by stone, the square reflects now all these exchanges between Talat Noi community and its chinese origins.1616b

8. .the pillow shop 17I meet this old woman that had spend its last 50 years hand-manufacturing cushions for pray and meditation. It´s so calm and quiet work, that seeing her seems to introduce me on a deep meditation. I understood that while she was working, she was meditating. These cushions should be good ones. 18 19

9. .Thai Chi20Walking on Talat Noi I was happy to realise that people is so clean and respectful with the environment. Probably because they truly trust on the importance of symbols and images. A dirty space will bring dirty feelings on its life’s, so better to have clean life’s. Radislav Gandapas I had found a place with trash, so I tried to contribute with the purifying of the area with some Tai Chi exercises. I hope it will work.

Other than talk with people and walk around the area, I had the chance to discover some local hot featurings as…  22…a secret graffiti writer waiting the wright moment to intervent (tsssss! don´t tell anybody),

25…an interesting photo collage on the side of a catholic church (catholic art is getting better),

23…and some nice sculptures related with…mmmm….eeeee….I don´t know! (I usualy have difficulty to interpretate contemporary art).

104. PROMENADE en Font de la Polvora / Gerona, España


Hace unos meses, los amigos de Millestone me invitaron a pasar unos días en Gerona para trabajar en “la Font de la Polvora”, un barrio de gitanos, apartado de la ciudad. Este barrio se construyó en los años 60 para dar cabida a aquellos que no tenían cabida en una ciudad como Gerona. Se construyó un ghetto, literalmente, separado del centro histórico por una pequeña montaña. Existe un único acceso a través de un puente, lo que limita radicalmente su comunicación. El barrio está muy deteriorado y solo aparece en las noticias en la sección de sucesos, con casos de droga, delincuencia o marginalidad.

Tuve la suerte poder pasar allí unos días y comprobar que “la Font” es un barrio vivo, alegre y con una identidad muy fuerte. Un sitio muy interesante para pasear, dialogar y aprender que la vida no se vive en los despachos, ni en las peliculas, ni tan siquiera en internet. La vida se vive viviendo … y en eso la calle siempre irá por delante.

1. .palmeras de azucar.01/ Solo hay tres negocios en “la Font”. Uno de ellos es la panadería, punto de reunión de madres y niños. La bollería industrial representa para muchos, un placebo de integración social. Los niños que salen en la tele también comen esta basura. El mismo azucar, los mismos conservantes, los mismos saborizantes…son un sabor compartido por ricos y pobres.02/ Madalenas, donuts, palmeras y napolitanas de chocolate… pintadas en la pared lateral de la panadería.

2. .amor.03/ Los gitanos de “la Font” son muy aficionados a los Jilgueros. Saben apreciar muy bien su canto, sus colores y firmeza. Los crían y adiestran para competir entre ellos. Batallas de canto en las quel jilguero más melódico es el más diestro. Solo un oido muy fino sabrá apreciar este espectaculo.05/ Dos jilgueros cantan en medio de la barriada. Esto no saldrá en las noticias.04

3. .jinete.07/ un vecino del barrio quería que pintase su caballo. Me dió una foto en la que salía él montandolo. Me advirtió que no quería que se viera su cara, para que sus vecinos no lo reconocieran. Yo le hice caso, por si acaso.13b

4. .acido cítrico.08/ Desconcertante acercamiento visual entre la sección de un limón y el símbolo gitano.

5. .constelaciones familiares. 09/ En el barrio viven alrededor de 2000 personas. Todos se conocen. Es muy poca la gente que sale y menos aún la que entra. La estructura social gira entorno a la figura del patriarca y se organiza por familias que, mayoritariamente, tienen lazos familiares las unas con las otras.12

6. .los portugueses.10/ Dos de los bloques de edificios están habitados por una colonía minoritaria de gitanos portugueses, land relations. Ellos no se relacionan con los gitanos catalanes. Conforman un ghetto dentro del ghetto. Me pidieron de pintarles un gallo portugues en el frontal de uno de sus edificios. “Todos tienen que saber que este es nuestro bloque”.

11/ Muy agradecido a todos los vecinos con los que pude compartir experiencias, a Javier Abarca por su apoyo y colaboración, a Nacho, a Samuel, a Montse (algunas fotos son suyas) y a todo el equipo de trabajo.


01The Perm Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in 2008 in the building of the riverside station, as part of the Cultural Revolution in Perm. In 2012, with the arrival of Putin as primer minister for Russia, priorities changed in all the country. Perm government decided to moves the contemporary museum to a provisional offices building with the promise that they will invest some resources in repair the riverside building to open again the museum.

The government postpones, year after year, the plan to reopen the museum again, so the building continue empty and spoiled. If they don´t actuate fast the building will finish falling cause of the degradation. hmmmm….Maybe we can help with some murals. : )

02If we get to copy exactly the closed windows, maybe we can build the illusion that Museum it´is open again. Just a psychomagic trick, not so ambitious.

03Let´s open the windows of the museum again.

So so many thanks to Ilya Protasov and Yan Melnikov for its heroic help on this project. Also Nailya and Dasha for make it happens and Fermin Jimenez landa for teach to russian people how to drink Vodka in a healthy way.

126. PROMENADE in Kerala, Sud India

00Some months ago, I had the chance to spend some weeks in Sud India. Walking, talking, painting, eating, meeting nice people, doing some yoga, learning, learning, learning,…

02Kerala is a comunist state in sud India, where people seems to live in a soft relaxing way, surronded by coconut trees and local dolphins.

01Here are some images from our walking-promenade around the area…

03// “Toilet”

04 b.Hello Sir. It´s possible to paint on your wall?
c. Sure! Just don´t paint any god or religious image. The wall is side to the Toilet, so that could be offensive.
b. I don´t want to be offensive. It´s your wall. Do you have any idea about what I could paint on it?
c. Could you paint me?
b. Oh, it´s a clever idea. I like it.

c. Yes05

06People in Kerala like rest better than working. In the image above one waiter taking a rest on a improved rest area. 07// “Parking at owners risk”

08// “Spicy”
Interesting items you can find on gourmet Indian cuisine

09// “Tiger prawns”
It seems that the most expensive prawns you can find in the area are the famous tiger prawns. A friend told me that they are so good that even a tiger might eat them. Not sure what´s exactly the meaning of it.

10// “WIFI and prawns”
It’s not so easy to found WIFI in the area, so places that have are so proud about it. I had the chance to paint on one of this places, so I have not many choices about what paint on it.

11// “Paysage”
…and one classical beautiful romantic paint to finish with the walk. Oooohhhh….Poetry is in the air.

12Beware of the monkeys. They like to take everything that´s on the air. Also poetry is concerned.

141. AL ESTILO DE PERET (slow wall, km 0 ) / Fanzara, España

01AL ESTILO DE PERET / Fanzara, España.

Publicitar lo privado: le preguntamos a una familia cuales son los elementos del interior de su casa que le gustaría mostrarle a todo el mundo. ¿De que objetos se sienten más orgullosos?

PERET STYLE / Fanzara, España.
Private advertising: We asked a family about wich items from inside their homes they would like to show everyone. What objects are most proud of?

Slow wall, km 0: Composición realizada con elementos de próximidad a la pared intervenida. La escala de los objetos es 1/1. Los colores utilizados son colores que se encuentran en el contexto. La composición del dibujo es negociada previamente con los vecinos. La pared intervenida es respetada casi en su totalidad, preservando la memoria del lugar. Se huye de cualquier estilo manierista. La mano del artista es la de un artesano. La pintura puesta al servicio de la gente y no al revés.

Slow wall, Km 0: Composition made with elements found around the painted wall. The scale of the objects is 1/1. Colors used are chosen in the context. The composition of the drawing is previously negotiated with neighbors. The wall is almost respected, preserving the memory from the location. We avoid any Mannerist style. The artist hand is the hand of a craftsman. Painting in the service to people and not the opposite.

154. PROMENADE a Charleroi, Belgique

17 Quelques petites interventions lors de notre walk-promenade autour de Charleroi, en Belgique…

00 01// Lei motif

02 03// Le poid des pierres

04// Caramel muffin

05// Jhon Waters Filmography

06// Fast food

07 08// Crash!!!

09// Kaboom!!!

10 11// Frites ou Kebab?

12// Ajetter

13 14// Entrée

15// Notre Dame

16// Posticheur

19Il y a qui pense que Charleroi est une des villes les plus laies d´ Europe. Il y a qui pense que Charleroi est une des villes les plus dangereuses d´ Europe. Il y a qui pense que Charleroi est une des villes avec plus de chômage d ´Europe. Il y a qui pense que Charleroi est la ville ou la mére de Magritte s´est suicidé et la ville des bandes dessinées.

Aprés une belle promenade dans cette ville, notre opinión est que Charleroi est frites, Kebab et moules. (même si les moules ne sont pas trés bonnes)


Peintre mural professionnel avec études et bonne main cherche a realizer des petites échanges de bon procedé au quartier de la Medina, a Dakar. Pendant les premiers jours de may, je serai disponible au numero xxxxxx ou dans l´éspace de “Les petites Pierres” pour me mettre a votre service, échangeant mon savoir faire pour le votre. Je mets a votre disposition mes brosses et mes pinceaux en échange des habilitées que vous pouvez m´offrir: un repas, une tasse de Thé, une priere, une conversation interesante ou ce que vous considerez valide.”

x02Robe jaune / Salón de couture

x03Deux café Touba / Magasin de Café Touba

x04Une priere / Figure religieuse

x06Fixer les pantalons de travail / Salón de couture

x07bPhoto portrait / Photo Studio

x05Une priere / Figure religieuse

x08Manicure / Salón de beauté

x09Coiffure des cheveux / Salón de coiffure

x10Un repás magnifique / Restaurant locale

English: “Profesional mural painter with studies and smart hand, search to get small exchanges with common sense at Medina neighborhood, in Dakar. During the first days of May, I will be available at phone number xxxxxxx or in “Les Petites Pierres” space” to bring my services, exchanging my well doing for yours.I offer my brushes and pencils in exchange to those skills that you can offer to me: a lunch, a cup of thé, a meditation, an interesting conversation or what you feel appropriate to this.”

Español: “Pintor mural profesional con estudios y buena mano busca realizar pequeños intercambios de sentido común en el barrio de la Medina. Durante los primeros dias de mayo, estaré disponible en el numero xxxxxxx o en el espacio de “les Petites Pierres” para ponerme a su servicio, intercambiando mi saber hacer por el suyo. Pongo a su disposición mis brochas y mis pinceles a cambio de aquellas habilidades que ustedes puedan ofrecerme: una comida, una taza de thé, una plegaria, una interesante conversación o aquello que ustedes consideren oportuno.”

(Merci aux “Petites Pierres” par l´ acccueil et les Tiepboudien)

// Potlatch / Hakim Bey


“El propósito principal del Potlatch es por supuesto dar regalos. Cada jugador debería llegar con uno o más regalos y marcharse con uno o más regalos diferentes.”

“Los regalos deben ser hechos por los jugadores, no prefabricados.””Los regalos no tienen por qué ser objetos físicos. El regalo de un jugador podría ser música en vivo durante la cena, el de otro podría ser una actuación. Sin embargo, habría que recordar que en los Potlatchs amerindios se esperaba que los regalos fueran soberbios y aún ruinosos para quienes los daban.”

“Nuestro Potlatch, sin embargo, es no-tradicional en el sentido de que, teóricamente, todos los jugadores ganan –todo el mundo da y recibe por igual. No se niega sin embargo que un jugador aburrido o tacaño perderá prestigio mientras que un jugador imaginativo y/o generoso ganará “nombre”. En un potlatch verdaderamente exitoso cada jugador será igualmente generoso de forma que todos los jugadores quedarán igualmente satisfechos. La incertidumbre del resultado añade un gusto de aleatoriedad al evento.”

/ Inmediatismo, Hakim Bey

158. SOFÁ / Dakar, Senegal

sofá01A Dakar, les gens ont l’habitude de s’asseoir dans la rue pour parler de la vie et boire du thé vert. C´est le sport national et les heures passent tranquilement comme ça. C´est domage que tout le monde n´ai pas un bon sofá de rue pour s´installer.




2014-05-07 11.03.07On est arrivé a Dakar chez “les petites pierres” pour y passer quelques jours dans la ville. On a eté choqués par l´imensité de Dakar, la puissance et les couleurs d´une ville en pleine croissance. Beaucoup d´inspiration pour travailler…même trop!

IMG_2396Pas possible de peindre quelquechose de plus interesant de ce qu´il y as dejás de par tout. Les senegalés sont des grands peintres. Comme il y a beaucoup de gens qui ne saben pas lire, alors les metiers s´annonçent avec des dessins… Finalment un lieu où la peinture as un vraie sens d´existance. Beaucoup a aprendre içi!

2014-04-30 11.12.32

“Un tigre n´a pas a prouver sa tigritude” Wole Soyinka

184.THE WEIGHT OF A STONE / Ordes, Spain


/ the painter: Can you explain me why the stone on the roof?

/ the farmer: The roof is so lightweight. When a strong wind comes, the roof is raised. The weight of the stone is balancing the roof. Common Sense!

/…30 mn later /

/ the farmer: Can you explain me why you painted a stone on the wall?
/ the painter: The wall is so lightweight. When you look at the wall, the view is raised to the stone. The weight of the painted stone is balancing the wall. Common Sense!



/ el pintor: ¿Me puede explicar porqué hay una piedra en el techo?

/ el granjero: El tejado es muy ligero. Cuando llega un viento fuerte, el tejado se levanta. El peso de la piedra está equilibrando el tejado. Sentido común!

30 mn más tarde…

/ el granjero: ¿Me puede explicar porqué ha pintado una piedra en la pared?
/ el pintor: La pared es muy ligera. Cuando miras a la pared, la vista se levanta hacia la piedra. El peso de la piedra pintada está quilibrando la pared. Sentido común!

yy. BODRUM PIZZA (Horsen, Denmark)

-The organizers: “Hello, we are working on a public art project here in Horsens, so we are looking for some walls to intervent. A selected group of international artists will arrive in town to create public works on various locations in the end of June.”

-The owner of the building: “Sounds really interesting. The Turkish pizzeria that just opened in the adjacent premises is not the most beautiful image for my building… you know! So I´m sure that some nice renowned artists can equilibrate this.”

-The organizers: “Sounds good, sir!”

// Bodrum Pizza (Horsen, Denmark)

nn. LOS QUE HUYERON (Cholula, Mexico)

// Those who fled (Cholula / Mexico)

Cholula es un nombre de origen náhuatl que significa Lugar de los que huyeron.
Cholula es famosa por sus iglesias. Cuenta la leyenda que tiene 365 Iglesias, una para cada dia del año. Por esto es normal encontrarse con procesiones de gente circulando por sus calles, prácticamente cualquier día.

Cholula is a name of Nahuatl origin, meaning Place of those who fled.
Cholula is famed for its churches. Legend told that there are 365 churches, one for each day of the year. So, it´s so usual meet processions of people circulating through the streets, almost any day.

Saliendo de Cholula, en dirección a Oaxaca, encontramos algunas pinturas murales muy interesantes.

Leaving Cholula, Oaxaca direction, we find some very interesting wall paintings .