00 After 6 years, I finally get convinced to prepare a solo show. PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art invites me to prepare an exhibition in the 3rd floor of the building. The show opened the 1st October and can be visited till the 15th November.

01b“Greetings from Molotov” seeks to influence the space for dialogue that arises between the visitor’s curiosity and permeability of uncharted territory. It is the encounter with the other that always establishes this negotiation.

The shoes fall part as they continue walking on the path. It is the same condition for human beings in our digestive process; swallow, assimilate, digest, and throw away.

01a01cFrom a more poetic perspective “Greetings from Molotov” highlights the need to open doors, build pathways, open spaces to enable accessibility, invent bridges and relationships; formal and conceptual. Claiming intuition and improvisation. Flee linear logic and reasoning. Tear down the establishment and find a new order and meaning . Questioning all and surprised by the magic of error. To face contradiction as a space for transit. Banish the arrogance of conclusions and coordinates.

01d“Greetings from Molotov” tell the experience of exchange that we had in the process to prepare the show. You don’t understand? Don´t worry. Me neither.

02aThe exhibition presents a big installation composed by tables with graphic installations + little installations in dialogue with the tables.

2c 2dTo be honest, we just make fun with everything we found, so, other than put drawings on tables, we tried a lot of little stupid things as…

1. HIDE MONEY INTO MUSEUM WALLS 04b.esconder dinero04a.esconder dinero/ We hide some bills in the wall of the exhibition space to increase the price of the building. Gentrification is great! JAJAJAJA! (sounds like evil laughter)

2. SECURITY chair/ We put a lock in the security chair, just to be sure that no one still it. The security chair should be safe….we thougt!

3. PING / PONG06a/ Perm is a región that divides the East from the West in Rusia, but also Occident from Orient, but also Europe from China. At the same time, Perm región is considered as one from the hottest spots in the earth to see UFOs. So, we can also understand that this región divides earth form other possible worlds. A sort of big and complex intersection.06b/ Last year, a big hole appeared in Perm región and it continues to grow wider and deeper. Causes are not officially revealed, but seems strange that this big hole appear on this big intersection that’s Perm region.06c/ A big drama that government try to cover on white snow and dark smoke. 06d

4/ ANARCHITECTURES07a/ -There are some leftover wood pieces from the tables in the trash.    -No! Don´t throw it. We can get a nice installation with it.


5/ SECRET AGENT MAN08a/ Secret drawing of a secret agent man. Please, don’t tell anybody that I told you this.

08bsecret agent man

6/ BROKEN DREAMS09a/ Beauty and decay on the border to nowhere. Approx. something as this. 09b

7/ BODY CULTURE10a/ A little exercise about body and walls and space and …whatever 10b

8/ DEGRADATION11a/ Empty alcohol bottles found on Perm streets inclined at the same degree at their alcohol range 11b 11c

9 / JACK DANIELS13/ We found this nice graffiti about the possibility to get some american whisky cheaper than usual. Great!

13e13a/ So we put a museum phone on the exhibition…13b… and we distribute some advertisements with this nice offer around some creepy areas on Perm.13c/ “For cheaper Jack Daniels bottles, please call to 245-35-76” 13d



1414a/ A little hole in the wall of the museum to remember everybody that life is elsewhere.


and finally… some photos from the opening.15a 15b 15c 15d 15e 15hSo many thanks to Fermin, Dasha, Nailya…and all the crew taht made this project happends. Viva Vodka!

114. MEDIDAS ECONOMICAS / Valencia, Spain

02Hace unos meses fuí invitado a pintar la pared de entrada de la Universidad de Bellas Artes de Valencia. Encontrar una imagen que reuna los valores esenciales del arte me parecía muy complicado, asi que decidí ir a tomar un refresco. Cuando fuí a pagar, la respuesta apareció en mi mano. Los clásicos nunca fallan.

Some months ago, I ´d been invited to paint the entry wall from Valencia Fine Arts University. So difficult to find an image that fit essential art values, so I decided to take something to drink. When I paid my drink, the answer appear on my hand. Clasics never fail.



r01Not sure about why the emperor statues are above teen graffitis. Maybe it´s about who is behind the alternative culture, maybe it´s a tribute to those who founded the imperialism, maybe I should take some drugs and go to the disco… whatever!

r02r04 r03


01If you ever go to Dismaland, be careful with the seagulls. They love selfish….I wanna say shellfish… I wanna say sell fish. So take care with your “fried and cheap” meal…I wanna say “fish and chips” meal. I mean… share your food with local wildlife!

02 03


h01 Another BIG THEME should be Global Warming and how we are wasting the earth’s natural resources. It seems that we are trying to destroy our planet, but the planet is something bigger than us, little humans. In the war against the planet, we lost…he wins. Maybe we can get to kill ourselves (bravo!), but life will continue without us. Not a big deal.



Some months ago I was invited to take part on a big project called Dismaland. A sort of amusement park where you can find the big themes of today. american pis02After several discarded proposals, we arrived to the clever idea that there isn´t a bigger theme today than piss (peace) in the world, so lets think about it. What if the actuals wars arrive to Occident? Let’s search for the toilet please!american pis02bAMERICAN PISS / DISMALAND, UK

125. TO BREAK A PLATE FOR GREECE / Tommarp, Sweden

w01 Historians are not agree where it comes from the Greek tradition of breaking plates. The version I like the most says that the ancient greeks broke plates against the marble floors of their houses to ward off evil spirits with the clatter of broken crockery.

Breaking a plate for Greece is a psychomagic act to ward off evil spirits from Greece. I hope that it works.



plato roto02


Los historiadores no se ponen de acuerdo dónde nace la tradición griega de romper platos. La versión que más me gusta dice que los antiguos griegos rompían platos contra el suelo de mármol de sus casas para alejar los malos espíritus con el ruido de vajilla rota.

Romper un plato por Grecia es un acto de psicomagia para alejar los malos espíritus de Grecia. Espero que funcione!


/…so many thanks to Street Art Osterlen and Alejandro to make it happens : )

126. PROMENADE in Kerala, Sud India

00Some months ago, I had the chance to spend some weeks in Sud India. Walking, talking, painting, eating, meeting nice people, doing some yoga, learning, learning, learning,…

02Kerala is a comunist state in sud India, where people seems to live in a soft relaxing way, surronded by coconut trees and local dolphins.

01Here are some images from our walking-promenade around the area…

03// “Toilet”

04 b.Hello Sir. It´s possible to paint on your wall?
c. Sure! Just don´t paint any god or religious image. The wall is side to the Toilet, so that could be offensive.
b. I don´t want to be offensive. It´s your wall. Do you have any idea about what I could paint on it?
c. Could you paint me?
b. Oh, it´s a clever idea. I like it.

c. Yes05

06People in Kerala like rest better than working. In the image above one waiter taking a rest on a improved rest area. 07// “Parking at owners risk”

08// “Spicy”
Interesting items you can find on gourmet Indian cuisine

09// “Tiger prawns”
It seems that the most expensive prawns you can find in the area are the famous tiger prawns. A friend told me that they are so good that even a tiger might eat them. Not sure what´s exactly the meaning of it.

10// “WIFI and prawns”
It’s not so easy to found WIFI in the area, so places that have are so proud about it. I had the chance to paint on one of this places, so I have not many choices about what paint on it.

11// “Paysage”
…and one classical beautiful romantic paint to finish with the walk. Oooohhhh….Poetry is in the air.

12Beware of the monkeys. They like to take everything that´s on the air. Also poetry is concerned.

Algunos dibujos / Some drawings… 2015


Elsewhere ya está disponible aqui   //   Elsewhere is now available here

sl01 sl03 / ELSEWHERE is a book with a compilation from ESCIF last 5 years. Not just about murals, but also with sketches, drawings, ideas, feelings, recipes, deep secrets and everyday life thoughts. This is not a book about ESCIF work. This is a work about ESCIF book

/ We printed a first edition of 1000 copies. Hard cover, 330 PAGES, sized 17,5 x 24 cm, full color in 4 different papers and different tastes…

sl04 sl05/ELSEWHERE es un libro con una recopilación de los últimos 5 años de ESCIF. No solo de murales, pero tambien con bocetos, dibujos, ideas, sentimientos, recetas, secretos profundos y pequeñas anecdotas . No es un libro sobre el trabajo de ESCIF. Es un trabajo sobre el libro de ESCIF.

/ Hemos impreso una primera edición de 1000 copias. Tapa dura, 330 PAGINAS a todo color, tamaño  17,5 x 24 cm, en 4 papeles diferentes  y diferentes texturas….


Imagenes de ESCIF



“Los coches ahora son las Fallas…



” Los coches ahora son las Fallas. En los últimos dos años 800 vehículos han sido quemados en Valencia por jóvenes que dicen pertenecer al «movimiento antiburgués». Un periodista de Crónica ha conseguido desentrañar los mensajes que estos gamberros, chicos de entre 14 y 17 años de clase media alta, se cruzan en Internet. Aunque aseguran que sólo van a por coches mal aparcados, no es así. Los implicados pertenecen a un grupo denominado Razonamiento siempre manda. califican sus acciones de “vandalismo razonable” y se comunican por internet. La policía ha interceptado muchos de sus mensajes, que destacan por su ideología y su calidad literaria.”

El Mundo. Domingo 17 de febrero de 2002



“Cars are now the Fallas. In the last two years 800 vehicles have been burned in Valencia by youth who claim to belong to the “anti-bourgeois movement.” A Chronicle reporter has managed to unravel the messages that these thugs, boys between 14 and 17 from upper middle class, chat on the Internet. Although they ensure that they only go for illegally parked cars, this is not true. Those involved belong to a group called Reasoning always Rules. They justify thei actions as “reasonable hooliganism” and communicate it online. Police have intercepted many of their messages, distinguished by their ideology and literary quality. “

El Mundo. Domingo 17 de febrero de 2002

/photos by Pascual Arnal

TODO LO QUE SOBRA / Valencia, Spain


“La versión popular del origen de las fallas dice que fueron iniciadas por el gremio de carpinteros. En la víspera del día de su patrón San José, quemaban en una hoguera purificadora, las virutas y todo lo que sobraba, haciendo limpieza de los talleres antes de entrar la primavera.

La propuesta que Escif presenta en Falla Corona este año consiste en reproducir aquellos elementos que “sobran” en el escenario habitual de una falla. Hacer una falla con todo lo que no es una falla, pero que irremediablemente forma parte de la transformación del paisaje urbano durante este acontecimiento. Tanto los elementos que han de quitarse para despejar el espacio, como aquellos que son accesorios al monumento fallero.

Así pues, la falla consistirá en diferentes objetos copiados de la realidad, tales como un contenedor gris, señales de tráfico, tres vehículos aparcados en la plaza, dos cajas de petardos vacías, bicicletas, bolardos, tres paquetes de tabaco, cuatro bolsas de snacks, vallas de separación con sus respectivas publicidades, cinco chicles pegados, doce colillas, vasos rotos, confeti…

¿Dónde están los límites entre ficción y realidad?

¿Dónde están los límites entre vida y espectáculo?

¿Dónde están los límites entre lo que es y lo que no es? “ 0002 0003 0004

“How it makes a Falla that it doesn’t be a Falla, but that it is a Falla?

The proposal that Escif present on “Falla Corona” this year consist in reproducing those elements that are in ‘excess’ in the habitual Falla’s stage.

Make a falla with everything what isn’t a falla, but it is a part of, irremediably, the transformation of the urban scene while this celebration is taking place. Elements which have to be removed to clear the space as well the complements of the fallero building. Therefore, the falla will consist in different objects copied from the reality, as a gray container, traffic signs, three stopped vehicles in the square, two empty firecracker boxes, bicycles, bollards, three tobacco boxes, four bags of snacks, separation fences with their advertisements, five chew-gums stuck, twelve cigarette ends, broken glasses, confetti…

Where are the limits between fiction and reality?

Where are the limits between life and show?

Where are the limits between what it is and what it isn’t?


134. PILILA / Barcelona, Spain

03 // PENIS / Barcelona, Spain (photos by Fernando Alcalá)


Consejo para principiantes: si vas visitar esta pared en Av.Diagonal, tenga cuidado con su culo (y otras concavidades). Esta zona está llena de grandes pililas. Estoy seguro de que encontrará un montón de inspiración aquí. Es tan romántico!01Advice for beginners: if you go visit this wall in Av.Diagonal, take care with your ass (and other holes). This area is full of big penis. I´m sure you will find a lot of inspiration here. So romantic!

00…y aqui el boceto original de PILILA, pintado a 100 metros de la pared grande, en el año 2013. La idea tenía que madurar.

…and here the original skeetch for PILILA, painted 100 meters far from the large wall, on 2013. The idea had to mature first.

136. VINTAGE WALL PAPER (slow wall / Km 0) / Madrid, Spain


Charlton. / Me gustaría utilizar la medianera como un reflejo de lo que hay dentro del edificio. Creo que era Hipocrates el que decía que “Somos lo que comemos”. Esta es la raiz de la idea que me gustaría trabajar. Otras veces lo he hecho con objetos o con historias. Aqui podría funcionar con las mismas familias. El resultado sería una composición geométrica con las familias que viven dentro.

Heston. / Voy a preguntar al presidente si me echa una mano con ello. Son pocos y todos mayores por lo que no se si les gustará la idea. Pero sin ningún problema se les puede preguntar. Yo encantada de ayudarte…

Charlton. / Si pudieramos convocar una reunión con todos los vecinos sería fantástico. Así podremos encontrar una idea común con la que ellos se encuentren cómodos.02 00

Charlton./ I would like to use the wall to show what´s inside the building. I thought it was Hippocrates that said “we are what we eat””. This is the root of this project. On occasions I ´ve done with objects or stories. Here it can work with families. The result would be a geometric composition with the families that live inside.

Heston. / I’ll ask the president if he can help me with it. They are few neighbors and all older so I´m not sure they will enjoy your idea. But no problem we can ask them. I happy to help you on this…

Charlton. / If we can call a meeting with all the neighbors, it would be fantastic. Then we can find a common idea with which they will be comfortable. : )0405



Objetivo cumplido. Muchisimas gracias a todas los que habeis hecho esto posible.
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Mission acomplished. So many thanks to everybody that make it happends.
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